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Winch question - Internal brake...


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Hi guys,

Having a mental block moment. and need some help with 4x4 recovery type winch brakes.

I've got a Chinese 12000lb recovery winch that looks a bit like this one : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wo-12000LB-Electric-Recovery-Winch-Universal-DC12V-24V-Steel-Cable-Rope-Towing-/121668251021?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1c53fe2d8d

It came with my truck.

So I dismantled it to give it a clean and see if it was serviceable, its got a basic brake that actuates onto the inside of the drum, can someone tell me what is the purpose of the brake and when it actuates... I have a feeling mine isn't working properly, and my brain isn't being all that helpful today...

I winched the truck up a slight slope to pretension the rope on the drum, when I stopped the winch at any time, the vehicle bounced a little on the rope, and every time it bounced there was a nasty clicking noise, which I imagined at being a gear jumping... should the brake be doing something here or is the gearbox fubar...

The winch had been abused before I got it, now just working out if its worth me just swapping out the gearbox for a cheap quick fix otherwise investing in a new winch.



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and it obviously helps you stop when winching down hill. The brake does make a clicking/slipping gear noise which is quite alarming the first time you hear it. My TDS goldfish makes that noise. Its hardly ever used, so i doubt its a problem however i have no idea if its meant to make that noise or not haha.

no doubt someone with more winching experience will be along to enlighten us shortly

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ok, got you. thanks for that chaps. Hmm still sceptical the brake is able to make such a noise.

The brake must lock the drive shaft to the winch drum stopping it, in which case if the drum is still moving something in the gearbox is jumping...

Hmm will need to do some more testing.

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