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Oil pressure values


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I've got a oil pressure sensor attached at the back of the oil pump.

The gauge on the dash gives

2 kg/cm2 (15 lb/o ??)

Which is lower than the first quarter of the gauge. Gut feeling tells me this is to low.

The gauge is powered 13.9 Volts with running enginge and gets 4.8 Volts on the sensor line. A extra ground was added.

Does anyone have info on what I should want there? (in volts and in kg/cm2)

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With warm oil, you should have 25psi at idle and 55 at mid and high rpm (expect the values to be higher when cold). If you have a Tdi, knock 5-10 psi off those values; the turbo takes a lot of oil flow but the pump is the same.

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