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TD5 sump compression


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If have a bit of a problem with sump compression and losing oil on a weekly basis.

What I would like to ask is how to evaluate the problem and when to start looking at redoing the engine. Is there an alternative to minimize the symptoms and extend the life of the engine?

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thanks will test them 4 +1 haha ;)

at the moment it is not using that much seems to bee stable for a couple of weeks like 2 or 3 but then there will be a sudden drop in the oil level (250ml) I do check it every day before driving it.

if I level the engine Idling and open the oil cap a foggy / smoke mist is visible.

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A foggy mist is to be expected on any engine when running, can you feel a lot of air escaping when you stick your hand over the oil filler?

The sporadic oil use sounds very much like the head is moving about. TD5s were built with plastic dowels to locate the head, they can break and the head moves about, more common is sporadic coolant use (fine for weeks then will overheat on a straight flat bit of road) but it could well end up with a leak between a cylinder and an oil way. The cure is a set of steel head dowels (but it would be silly not to have the head tested if it's off).

Of course, explore all other avenues before ripping the head off but i'd be surprised if the bottom end were gone, i've taken apart TD5's with 200,000 miles and the bores are like new.

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