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Radiator for 4.6v8 90

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The disco v8 rads are wider and don't fit between the wings without trimming. I have a rad from a v8 defender going spare if you Need one was told its off an Australian spec one so its soposed to keep things fairly cool. Doesn't have an oil cooler though

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No it was 2nd hand but in VERY good condition. All the vanes were perfect. No elements crushed. No rust on the original paint finish etc.

Good ones are out there without spending a mint. Any of the defender/disco/rangerover v8 ones will do. And as I said I would try and get one without the oil cooler. The bonus being that they are normally cheaper.. :)

Little edit: I'm not 100% on the disco ones actually. You would need to check.

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I have just fitted one of item no 281675579909 to my 3.9. ..... complete with an alloy shroud and two 11 inch electric fans.... which are thermostatically controlled. ..

it does the job perfectly. .. in fact I'm just about to fit a new thermostat as it won't warm up fully. ... its four core not three like most

I also have a very accurate temp gauge. .. not an original one.

Might be worth asking if he has any more of the rads... the packaging alone was worth what I paid! !

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Run a quite small rad in the 109 (smaller than a V8 Defender rad with very wide spaced fins) with the 4.6, no oil cooler, no problems.

Just putting a 4.6 into the 127, will blank off the oil cooler on that too unless the temperature warning labels indicate it's getting too warm.

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