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Is there a parts list covering MOD Wolfs ?


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since i'm highly likely to own a 130XD Ambulance tomorrow. Is there a different parts list i need and can get?

I'm already considering changing the a frame ball and drive flanges and all the bushes. Wheel bearings, clutch. I need to remove the EGR which i've never done before!

Starting to get cold feet. Will someone calm me down........

Is the parts list exxentially the same with 24v replacing 12v. I'm then presuming almost all other stuff is stock. Even the axle diffs are standard but the tubes are stronger?



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Don't suppose you'd be willing to copy it so i see if its what I need? Its actually out of print and superseded but i'm not so sure the new one is the same from reading the list and I don;t want to fork out cash for no reason.

I can give you somewhere to upload it as files or as an ISO/Image.

I have Microcat in a VM and its really easy to load and look and then suspend the VM. I've got ones built for every OS for just this reason. Well back to Win 95 no further. Did build a 3.11 but it was just madness.

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Those parts CD's are copy protected with 'Hexalock' - you won't easily make a working copy of them.

Because of the way Hexalock works, they'll only run on earlier versions of Windows.

Hexalock also prevents a copy on your hard drive from running, unless the original CD is in the CD/DVD drive.

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