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200Tdi/TD5 brakes issues


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Good Morning

has some of you may know i am undergoing a project of fitting a 2004 TD5 body to my old and trustworthy 200tdi chassis and engine(and all mechanic)

all runs well until i reached the final strewth of the project.

and i need some insight from anyone with a opinion :)

so... to the issue in hand:


what i have done: i have "salvaged" the master cylinder from the TD5 - the one from the 200tdi was bust... and bought a new pump and reservoir (200tdi) in order to keep all my brake lines.

the issue:

system all bleed:

1- fill the reservoir

2-pump pedal - no pressure at all- a few times

3-open nipple on caliper

4- close nipple on caliper

5-back to point 1

i have repeated this for HOURS and no result .. the brakes only kinda brake on the end of the travel of the pedal, but no real stopping power

Engine Shut off:

plain and simple .. car running .. i turn the key... engine keeps running ...

Best Regards

PS: will do full presentation of project as soon as i can get the pictures of camera on the PC :D:D ( an all different problem hehehe)

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Engine continuing to run - There's a fuel cut-off switch on the back of the injector pump. It's actually a small solenoid and what happens when you turn the ignition on is that a plunger is retracted and allows fuel flow. When you turn the ignition off, the plunger goes forward and the fuel flow is stopped, which then cuts the engine out. There's only a single wire to the switch, so a simple check can be made to determine if it is constantly powered with the ignition off. In your check - if the power is on with the ignition on, and off when the ignition is off, then the switch is faulty. If you take the switch out, then three components - switch body, spring, and plunger.


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Sounds like your master cylinder is unsuited to your application, or you may get away with adjusting the rod length, but personally I would be getting the right M/C for the truck fitted.

Brakes aren't something to muck about with to save money really.

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