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XCESS Prototypes Magnetic Plug FRC6145 - Need "Testers"

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Yippee ! .......

I've Been in the inventing shed looking at progressing the Range of the Superdooper 'Xcess Magnetic Plug' Range

I have started with my thoughts around FRC6145.

This fits Both LT77 and LT77s and R380 gearboxes.

I decided to start with this one as it IS already a magnetic plug straight from LR......

My thoughts were if I could improve dramatically the power and results against a LR Magnetic unit ....

then against a non magnetic unit it would be a winner !..

this means next to play with will be 603659......this is a bung for V8 Petrol all 200TDi engines - and more importantly NON Magnetic,.... so mine will be pitching against .....0.0KGs !

So, with the standard LR "Pointy" magnet removed (see piccie) I have just machined up some prototypes for testing.

If these prove top work as well as I am hoping and thinking they will, then they will be CNC made assembled and plated

......Quite stunned actaully at the result so far ...........:D

Standard LR Genuine Magnetic plug can pretty well just lift near 0.8KG

it also has a quite small surface area -

My prototype can lift near 5.0 KG ...and with a bigger area gives bigger coverage...

Piccie time :



Now I am going to make some more of these for peeps here to test for me.

I would like you to be honest please ............ (in a minute :rofl: ) ...

I am looking for

  • Daily Drivers
  • R380 Graboxes
  • LT77 / LT77s Gearboxes
  • And the honest bit - maybe "Rather" overdue for a Gearbox Oil Change ?? :rofl:

If your interested this is the deal :

  • PM me with who you are are your truck,
  • Confirming its state LOL and that its a daily driver etc
  • and why you think yours would be suitable
  • Those chosen recieve a free XCESS Plug above
  • When recieved remove the EXISTING magnetic plug, and take a pic of whats on there swarf wise.
  • Then then fit My plug - SAME OIL
  • Drive for a week,
  • Then remove my plug take pic and Email me

I will do this for a number of forumeers,.... they get to keep the prototypes free for their trouble

I have also calculated the costs of these plugs Machined with magnet passivated and ready top fit with a new washer will be approx £10 no vat

which I think is pretty good value for money.. and will help protect the oils better than standard plugs.

Next will be the 200 TDi and V8 forumeers,

and the same deal will apply, except there is nio magnet to take a pic of it will be fit, drive piccie week later etc

feel free to PM me if you have a 200TDi V8 thats desperately overdue a oil change :D

Looking hopeful..... I think !


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Shocked that V8 plugs have come second to diesel.... you should be ashamed!!!!!!

Awaiting V8 plugs :P

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V8 and 200tdi are the same!

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1997 v8 auto disco. Daily driver.

Id like plugs for everywhere!





If you have it i'll pay to be able to test


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So this is why you were asking for Puma sump plug part numbers..

Well count me in Nige when you do the Puma version! Coming up for 10,000miles (23,000 - 33,000) so should have some ford carp in my sump!

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