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Hi Ben.... Welcome to the forum...

Perhaps you could not use all capitals as it's akin to shouting on the t'internet...

Might also be wise to add a little detail about your vehicle, age etc., which side footwell needs replacing, are you a competent welder etc....

All will help to get some answers without starting from a load of questions from the members...

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Assuming that you have a Classic, it is quite straight forward really.

Remove the carpet and other trim from the area. Tie and wiring out of the way. Disconnect the battery. Clean up the rotten area with a wire brush on an angle grinder to help find the edge of good metal. Then decide on where to cut. Cut back to good sound steel with a cutting disc. Make a cardboard template, transfer to new steel. Bend up appropriately and then weld it in, seam weld all round. Tidy up the welds if required. Undercoat. Seam seal, Top coat and underseal. Then put everything back, and hey presto. Job done.

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