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Please help before I set it on fire!

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Putting a 3.9 into a 200tdi defender before Complete the mega squirt I want to see if I can get it turning over.....and I can't

I have followed the diagrams, put everything where it should be and all that happens when I turn the ignition on is the wipers activate.

I have 12v at White and red from ignition and 12v at the started but nothing.

Brake light and preheat also flash on the dash

Any ideas????

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only 12v at the White/red wire and no others?

On accessory (first click) you should have power to the white/orange (could be green depends on age). With the ignition on (2nd click) you should have power on the white wire. When turned to crank you should lose power to the white orange, but you should see a live feed on both the white and the white/red.

The white/red feeds the starter solenoid so pull the small wire off the starter and check you have 12v when turned to start.

If you have all this, double check that you have the main power feed securely attached to the starter and make sure you have a good earth, can't stress that one enough because without a good earth it will try and earth through something else (handbrake cable is a favourite and it melts meaning you can't release the handbrake).

If all of this is working fine you have a duff starter.

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Thanks for the reply mate!

I've only checked white and red while turning to crank. The main lead from the battery is brand new, with a new lug on it and I gave it all a clean before bolting it on. I put an extra earth lead on the N/S head as well as gearbox and chassis. I did wonder if it was the starter or the solonoid, it was sold to me as a good engine so it shouldn't be duff.......

Does the started require its own earth? I was told that it receives that through the chassis but could be Wong

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If your engine and gearbox have earths to chassis and the chassis has good earth to battery -ve then it should be fine.

I ran 35mm2 cable from battery -ve to bellhousing bolt adjacent to starter motor, plus 35mm2 cable from battery -ve to chassis, and 35mm2 cable from battery -ve to winch motor casing

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...it was sold to me as a good engine so it shouldn't be duff.......

Oh boy I've seen lots of folk fall on they're face believing that! What did you check on the engine before fitting? I take it turned over ok?

I personally don't think it sounds like an engine problem your experiencing as it should at least turn over even when knackered. But an engine should always be KNOWN to be good before fitting..

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Ok well if you are 100% certain you have a good live feed, use a jump lead on the body of the starter back to the battery negative and then use a spare length of wire connected to the small spade terminal and touch the other end onto the battery positive, if it doesn't crank then the starter is definitely duff.

If it does work you either have a poor earth and will have to run another lead to the starter mounting bolt or you may have a bad connection on the white/red so that it shows 12v when tested but breaks down under load.

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Ok I'll check. I'm going to billing today so might find a new Bosch one floating around. Would rather change it and know it'll be good for a few years than carry on with the ordeal.

Makes me think if I had just fitted the cummins I would have been done by now...

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