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Damp boot storage area


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Hi, I am after some help. I have a 53 plate freelander. I have only owned this for around 1 year but have noticed a few times that when I go in to the storage area of the boot floor (where the wheel brace is kept) it seems to be damp. It only seems to be water but cant figure out where it is coming from.

Is this a common issue and if so what do I need to do?

On a seperate issue, it is fitted with a standed 6 cd multi changer. Is there a hidden aux port somewhere in the dashboard that will support a MP3 player.

Thanks in advance

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Drilling holes in the floor wont help at all. water will get in from underneath and make it worse.

Its a simple fix.

Above the back door on the outside is a black trim and one down each side of the rear door, pull the side ones off first, then prize off the top one.

The bracket under that top trim is held on with 4 big screws, remove the screws, fill the holes and around them with silicon sealer and put it back together.

The holes are sealed with a foam that rots away and somehow lets water get down into the storage box.

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