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LPG Filling Issue


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I know there are a few people with LPG on here, so I was wondering if anyone can shed some light...

I've got a recessed bayonet filler on the 110, mounted in the side of the body, similar to:


If I use the LPG filler guns that look like a 'normal' petrol filler, everything is fine.

If I try and use the lever action ones similar to:


(With a long lever that rotates with the barrel)

No matter what I do, it will never engage, and I can't figure out why, it doesn't seem to be fouling on anything. It's almost as if the bayonet fitting in the 110 is too shallow so it can't engage. Obv. this is very annoying as it limits the number of stations I can use considerably!

Any suggestions? I did wonder if I could get another bayonet fitting and screw it into the adaptor thread and see if that worked, but that's a bit of a bodge... eg.


Any suggestions or should I give someone like Tinley a bell? :)



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the long bayonet connector.... (the problem one)...

when you put it on, do you move the lever fully away from you, i.e. hose is pointing away from you, gripping the long bayonet connector with one hand, and the lever with the other, do you move it downwards and away from you, this pushes the clamp mechanism away from the locking position, then align the recess holes in the end of it with your male bayonet pins, and turn, the whole assembly clockwise or anticlockwise (I can't remember what works for me, but it will only rotate about 90 degrees in one direction.

all this is done with the locking lever pushed fully forward / outwards

then once it's rotated about 90 degrees, move the locking lever backwards towards you and to clamp on the hose, it will require a bit of force as it clamps the whole assembly together.

should then be locked on...

If that doesn't work, you'll need to explain where the problem lies in that procedure

youtube clip here (should have done that before explaining in detail...)

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Robert - I've done exactly as the video suggests, but it's almost as if there isn't enough clearance on the bayonet nubs to allow the collar to rotate - even with the lever folder fully back the collar won't twist..

If stacking an adaptor is the easiest way, then that's probably what I'll do, at least it's a cheap fix :)

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I've tried a couple of different stations, and have been doing it just like in the video posted above, so something's not working right... I've not changed anything on the LPG filler either! Very weird!

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.... You could always change the filler if it was one not compatible with the standard UK fillers....

Simple easy change, just check what type of pipeline and joint connects to the rear of it (I'm aware of at least two types) if you let me know I've probably got a few unused spare about you could have sat in my box of LPG bits you accumulate over a lifetime of tinkering...

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