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Voltage drop - battery light on

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OK odd problem I need help with.

battery light is on constantly - showing 11.7V (normally 14.x) with vehicle running

TD5 2002 Defender

I gave someone a jumpstart yesterday which mayor may not be relevant - it is also pouring down, so possibly water effecting it?

is there anywhere/anything obvious that I can check?

I need to travel quite a distance in next 3 days and really need to be able to start vehicle with key and be able to drive it several hundred KMs

thanks in advance

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Musta been gremlins - I went for drive and over the hump at the local railway crossing and the volts returned to normal... but feel I should still follow-up with possible reasons / causes if anyone has any ideas

that is assuming I can replicate it or that it reoccurs

thanks in advance

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Haven't really been playing, but did install dual battery system a couple of months ago, which I.disconnected on Friday. No wrong connections of jumper leads. Unfortunately the light kept coming on intermittently thruout the weekend. On way home I couldn't get it to go off again so have parked up 3 hours from home. Vehicle is in front of auto electricians as I hoping its just bushes, but I guess I will be here at least one night as this small town is all closed on Sundays... Doubt parts will get here until Tuesday oh the joys of owning landrovers in New Zealand!!!

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HELP - common point in wiring? heater fan, lighter / power plug, radio

well the auto electrician replaced brushes & I think regulator. so now all good on the charging front, unfortunately now the heater fan, lighter / power plug, radio and spotlights don't work. I have checked all the fuses and replaced primary candidates just in case, but no faults found. is there a common point in the wiring???

interesting thing tho is that the heater blower works if the webasto is turned on, but this has totally separate wiring loom

I know the auto electrician had a LOT of trouble getting the repaired alternator back into place - they asked for an extra day to fit it... I didn't see what they did to get it back in, but the spotlight cables were cut in front of the grill and I now have crimp terminals open to the weather in front of the grill (the cables were sealed all the way up to the relay which is located by the brake reservoir) there was also coolant splattered around the engine bay which to me is really odd. surely they would not have removed the radiator, intercooler, A/C, nose cone??? either way I don't have time to drive back up there for them to sort it, so am again asking for your help

The heater fan, lighter and radio are fitted as tho from the factory, the spotlights are aftermarket, so could possibly be excluded from this, I have also traced the spotlight wiring & all looks OK - maybe that relay is dead

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