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ACE leak

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Womble777    0

Ok, so I've been searching without joy - my valve block is corroded and leaking where the pipes connect. I've fitted new seals, which have reduced the amount of fluid I'm buying, but not cured it. I want to keep the system but a new valve block is £1000!!! Has anyone machined a block to enable the pipes to seat better? I'm concerned that the filings would penetrate the valves and screw it completely. Thanks in advance. :(

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simonr    149

I wouldn't re-machine them, regardless of whether you get swarf in the valve or not!

The pipes do not seal on the surface - so the condition of the outer face doesn't matter too much. There are a selection of O rings & spacers which live in the bore retained by a plastic bit. It's the compression of these O rings between the male end of the pipe and the bore of the hole that provides the seal.

You can clean most of the corrosion off the surface using weak caustic soda solution. Use some scotch-brite (green oven scouring pad) to clean the bores that the valve O ring seals seat against. If you do this upside down (the port hole pointing at the floor), any debris will fall out rather than in. Blocking the port with tissue paper first will help too - then fish it out with tweezers upside down and clean out any remaining debris with cotton buds (do not use an air blower).

A little bit of Silicone grease on the parts will stop the O rings pinching as you reassemble. This is probably more important than getting rid of all the corrosion.

I've not had the pleasure of this on an ACE valve, but a few times on Hydraulic valves and pumps.


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PaulMc    20

Join the D2BC forum (it's free to join) - http://www.thed2boysclub.co.uk/index.php

You have to be logged-in to read the threads.

Several people have modified their ACE valve block to use standard hydraulic fittings.

The most recent write-up on this, is here - http://www.thed2boysclub.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=43735








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