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Cooling advice

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300 tdi defender. Auto.

1.6 transfer box.

Running on fedima siroccos.

Rear mounted . Full length brand new defender td radiator.

Twin cooling fans .

Davies craig electronic water pump with controller to suit.

Water pump impeller and thermostat


Brand new cylinder head and gaskets .

50/50 antifreeze mix

This is the problem or not .

Outside temperature 26 degree's.

50 mph constant speed.

Temperature gauge sits between 100 degrees and 105 degrees. To me this seems to warm. But it's a constant reading backed up with the davies craig temperature reading.

When I drop down to 30mph through town it drops to about 90/95 degree's.

and on idle it sits at 85ish after its cooled down .

Is this OK ?

Or am I getting over paranoid ?

My only next thing I'm going to install a roof scoop to direct cold air behind the can

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Sounds like a reverse vortex coming off the front of the vehicle and working against the fans. Do the fans have a proper fan-cowl in the form of a box? (As opposed to two fans lying against the rads fins)?

Landys have funny air flows. At 30mph a sheet rolled up in front of the vents started moving toward the bonnet edge!

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Put the thermostat back in it's there for a reason without it there is no control over water temperature or flow. I ran a 200tdi tomcat with rear rad for 5 years as a daily driver several trips to Italy never a problem I had standard water pump, standard thermostat and an electric fan (that very rarely ran).


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