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How to lift rear of HCPU with hi-lift?

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I have a hi lift jack, with the Land Rover attachment. Works great on the front bumper but it won't reach the holes at the back. Obviously the HCPU tup extends a bit further back than the crossmember. So how is it done? Will some other hi lift attachment work?

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our hi lift had like an open jaw rather than a pin and we used it wherever we could get it. the hi lift jacks are good to get you out of a mess off road but i always try and use a trolley jack when at home i think those hi lifts are lethal

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A highlift or standard landrover jack won't work on a hicap rear at all.

Mine came new with a disco type hydraulic bottle jack which makes a mockery of Land Rover saying you must not jack a defender on its axle casings.... Unless it's a hicap, when it is fine to do so!

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I used my hi-lift on my old hicap with no issues for years. Just put the lifty bit under the galvanised grab handle looking thingy from the side not back and crank away.

By the time you get the wheel up the spring will probably have dislocated and will need poking back in when lowering.

Also, you might find the height of the bed to be somewhat extreme, so make sure you have all your tools/parts OUT of the tub before you start lifting.

And use lots of chocks. And don't go underneath it.

Oneandtwo might be on the money with the 'won't work' advice on safety grounds alone.

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Forgot to take one today.

This isn't the best photo, (it's years old, haven't run BFG's for maybe eight years?) but you can see the RHS mounted at each end of the outrigger.

One day I'll re-jig them so that they are higher and through the side panel.


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