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Series 3 possible for sale


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Hi all

Looks like I might be having to sell my 88'' series 3 as loss of space

It been in a field for a few years before I rescued it engine is not siezed looks totally original so was looking forward to restoring it when I finish my 109

Has a unique reg plate

So my question is how much should I sell it for as a none runner

Any ideas would be help full



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Any idea why it won't run? It would make a big difference to the selling price if it'll start and drive. If it's historical status, then that will make it more valuable as well. S3 parts are still relatively cheap and available, so that's a good point as well.


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Looks a really nice truck, you'd do well to get the pressure washer that's sat behind it, drag it all out in the open and pressure wash it off, probably triple the value just doing that.

Bulkhead looks to be in really good nick especially.

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