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Rock Sliders - Fitting Advice


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I purchased a pair of rock/tree sliders for the Disco (1)... and after a while decided to begin looking at tidying them up for fitting. However, it isn't obvious how they fit! Anyone got some like this?

It looks like the rear-most bracket (nearest the end of the slider) attaches to the rear body outrigger. The front doing the same, both using the bolt holes where the original side steps/mudguard bracket (front anyway) are fitted. However, that only gives two bolt locations. The rest seems to be through the sill itself on the bracket that's fitted to the slider. Overall, I guess that's OK, just seems a bit light. The previous ones I had (on a previous vehicle) were 10 bolts through the sill! The thing that troubles me is that there are plenty more holes in the slider angle brackets than there are places to attach them to.

Any other thoughts or suggestions? Or confirmation that I've got it right? I'll plough ahead with fitting in a few days time, but it'll mean having to undo bolts that haven't moved for 20 years!






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