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Windscreen wipers not working correctly


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For the front ones switch them on high speed cos then the motor gets feed directly through the switch no electronics involved so if it makes the trick this way too it means it's the motor's park switch gone and you need a new motor, if they work well on high speed but not on intermittent or low then it could be a problem with the IDM(interior fusebox) or BCU which can be related with the rear wiper too... for the rear wiper make sure it gets feed, check fuse F18 (interior fusebox) first

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Hi I have a freelander kalahari 2003 petrol. My windscreen wiper jumped off the windscreen. The passenger side still works, drivers side has come off the spindle or something. I removed the wiper blade so that I could at least use one wiper to see where I was going. Found a useful video on youtube but still don't know how to get the actual windscreen arm off. I have removed the bolt and I have removed the pull off plugs on the plastic moulding.

Can anyone tell me how to remove the arm without damaging it ? Also is it possible to fix as the motor seems to be working OK for the other wiper ?

I am a recent owner and have been advised to have the cylinder head replaced on this vehicle even though it is running OK. It has done 77K, had a new timing belt in 2011 and I had the themostat replaced early 2015. Have had no problems with overheating, losing water or condensation in the oil cap. I had the VCU removed in Jan because it had apparently seized up. I am hoping to replace this at some stage in the future but want to be sure it is worth doing.

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