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Roundhead rivets


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Can anyone help me with a query is it just on the rear of a series 3 that the roundhead rivets are used on the galvanised cappings.

Was there 3 different type rivets used in different places.

We have a S3 with the hard top off to regalvanise the cappings and would like to use the same or very similar rivets to put the cappings back on.

Thanks in advance.

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Different rivets in different places I'm afraid. Rear body capping is held on by what look like ordinary flat head rivets (78410), as are the rear corners, etc. The only place I can see where round head rivets (302222), are used is around the door handle. This from a quick look in the S3 parts catalogue.


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Not sure if it makes a difference or not but I believe this S3 to be an early one. Being registered in 1971 there may have been an overlap with S2A. I have seen some photos on line with roundhead rivets on the back across the waist level either side of the rear door and down the outside edges and from memory around the fuel filler. Apparently they are used to stop rain water getting in. My mate was a bit hastey in removing the rivets and didn't note what was used where. My 86 110 has what looks like all ordinary rivets but I know I seen roundheds on this S3.

Much appreciate the help thanks again.


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