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Winch Motor Splines

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Can anyone tell me if winch motor splines are all the same?

Reason I ask is I have a Superwinch husky doing in the rear of the 90 and the motor is vile, so I might as well upgrade it at the same time. I'm thinking Bow2 as it will match the front winch motor should I ever need to swap them in the field.

So is the old husky motor going to have the same splines and mounting as the Bow2?

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Husky motors have a key way, like early 8274's. Buy a later 8274 motor gear and either drill the motor for roll pins/split pins or cut a circlip groove.

There's probably something by white90 in the tech archives

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Just check that the motor gear is secured to the splines in some way. I have a husky in bits waiting to be welded where someone has fitted a later splined motor a gear but left the gear free floating, it has then fell off the end of the motor spline and worn through the casing

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