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So I recently bought an ex-mod "sankey" style trailer for use as a dump-runner and a camping rig.

Its got the fixed towing eye, so I have fitted a rotating NATO hitch to my NAS tow-step. Although the trailer sat pretty "nose-down" it wasn't too bad.

However I have now replaced the original wheels with a pair of alloys that look pretty like my Boosts.

These, with the big tyres, have exaggerated the nose-down effect, so I'm thinking I might want to lower the position of the tow-eye...I think I've seen that it can be done, but is it a huge job - bearing in mind its got a hydraulic brake ram behind it etc?

Also have found that when fitting the alloys, they are not sitting back against the trailer hubs properly. It seems this is because of the nuts on the trailer hubs - they protrude against the inside of the alloys. Does anyone know if this can be fixed by fitting 30mm wheel spacers?

If so, I can only buy them in packs of 4 so will have 2 spare ...anyone looking for a pair and want to go halfers?



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The two boost alloys I took off our Sankey had wheel spacers fitted and it does look as if that's the only option to fit them. As you say, without them the wheels won't mount properly.

Am I right in thinking that the NAS step uses a 2 inch receiver ? If so perhaps you could use an offset hitch that raises it ? I'm looking at that as an option for mine at the moment, the NATO hitch is normally mounted direct onto the rear cross member and our 2 inch receiver is below the rear cross member so the Sanity is nose down - they are supposed to be slightly nose down but not that much !

I keep meaning to put the boosts and spacers up for sale :)

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Why not fit smaller tyres to the boosts?

It's normal to fit the same wheels/tyres to the Sankey as the tow vehicle, that way you only need to carry one spare. If you fit different size wheels or tyres then you need to carry an additional spare.

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