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desperate need of help!

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is there any gentlemen that would be able to assist me in the wiring of my defender 90?

im in the mintlaw/fraserburgh/aberdeen area of scotland

basically, about 4 years ago i bought an 89 defender, after wanting one for a few year. when its mot ran out it was decided the car was beyond repair!

galvy chassis, 300tdi engine, r380 gearbox, disco transfer box and various other niceties thrown at it

coming to my wiring stage extremely soon and have no clue what im doing. its been so long since ive actually done anything electrical with it. didnt label anything when it came off, cant remember where anything goes!

i have an incomplete (i think?) 300tdi engine loom
standard 89 2.5 td bulkhead loom
200tdi bulkhead loom

the only bonus is i bought a brand new chassis loom so im sorted there. just fed up of the thing now and want it back!

beer tokens could be supplied!

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If you've done the bolts and nuts then you should be able to cope with the wiring.

Lets start simple.

The back of the vehicle is the easiest, usually, if you aren't going for fancy accessories.

You have wires for certain:

tail lights

stop lights

indicator (x2)


You might have:


you could have:

rear wiper

rear wash


reversing camera

What wires does the chassis loom have? can you look at the diagram and start labeling?

once you've that done what do you have left over in the loom?

It's not easy, but it is do-able and very satisfying.

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LR wiring is pretty basic aside from the rat's nest behind the dashboard and anything previous owners have screwed about with. If your loom is mostly intact it should give clues by the shape/length, and then it's just matching the colours to the things. Hardest thing is getting it back together neatly, buy a bag of 1000 small cable ties and use them - don't be afraid of using plenty, and don't be shy of using them to temporarily hold stuff before cutting them off & finalising things. Use grommets / sleeving any time a wire goes through a panel, over an edge or near a moving thing (old coolant hose slit open makes a very sturdy sleeve):


Also, there are Durite fuse holders that can replace the naff old glass fuses if you're making things nice:


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