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Hard top to Station wagon - DVLA info?

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Regarding the LEZ I rang up and spoke to them as my 90 hard top was converted to SW spec by adding windows and seats. I was told by them that changing from 'Light 4x4 utility' on the V5 wouldn't update their system but if I sent them some photos clearly showing that it was now a car they would update the system for me.

Having said that I never got round to it and the last time I had to drive into London I just took the FFRR with a trailer instead

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Also watch out for VAT: if the original vehicle was sold as a 'commercial' or 'van' to a business they probably did not pay [or they did and then claimed back] the VAT on it.

When it becomes a 'car' it is then liable to VAT.

Trust me on this - life's too short to get involved in the hassle of HMC&E VAT litigation.

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I was also asking the same question recently for my 90 hard top, you can I believe fit side windows and the DVLA are not interested. However fitting seats or changing the colour for example does require notification.

I also discovered that you can convert a 110 to a station wagon and get it re-registered through the DVLA, but this does not apply to SWB for some reason. You can register the changes for a 90 but it remains a commercial.

I just wanted to fit side windows, rear seats and respray it. Wasn't that bothered about conversion through DVLA to SW just thought it simplified matters. As I don't need to re-register as a SW it makes life simpler and avoids the dreaded VAT issue mentioned above.

My only dilemma now is whether to go for 2 forward facing or 4 inner facing seats (I know inner facing are dangerous etc).

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Back when the LEZ was first introduced the DVLA wouldn't change the body type on anything older than a TD5 but you could register for an exemption with the LEZ by sending photos of the windows and seats in the back of your Defender.

EDIT: Details are here http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=21503&p=611664

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Indeed, but be careful what you buy.

My 1993 genuine county station wagon is not LEZ exempt as it has been (like to many others) incorrectly registered with DVLA as a 'Light 4x4 Utility' rather than an 'Estate' on the V5C. In theory I should be able to send TfL some pictures of it etc. to prove it is a station wagon, though it seems they have tightened their definition of 'station wagon' to exclude ones with rear bench seats. So if I wanted to get the exemption I would have to fit a couple of individual inward-facing seats with belts to do so, the benches (even with belts) don't satisfy TfL.

Luckily I never intend to drive into London!

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Some good info here - keep it coming.

Would HMRC still be interested if the 110 in question is 29 years old and has a slew of only private previous owners?

And for the sake of gossip avoidance, my only Land Rover is a 100" hybrid. No plans to buy or convert a 110.

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