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ZFAuto flex plates and more power

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I'm fitting a bigger engine to my auto RRC and I've heard a few horror stories of flex plates letting go, has anyone ever solved this problem?

A chat with a friend who has managed to kill two seems to suggest he solved it by fitting two flex plates.

I had also considered getting a new one machined out of a thicker material?

Or is all this just me being a little paranoid...

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A friend has a 4.6 with merlin heads and ported inlets, he regularly pulls a trailer, he's killed two flex plates but has been running with a "dual plate" setup for a few miles now.

I guess being a bit more gentle with the right foot is an option :)

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Wheel size, lockers etc. do not especially kill flexplates. The engine torque, drivingstyle and milage (= fatigue) will.

Another thing to consider is the accuracy how engine en box are lined up. I can immagine that due to production tollerances you can have now and then a bad engine/box combination which kill flexplates. :blink:

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