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Inspection camera- recommended


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I bought an inspection camera from Lidl earlier in the year for £39.99 with a 3 year warranty.

Stonkin bit of kit.

They have one in Aldi on Sunday 23rd for the same price/warranty and it looks identical.

Just keep the receipt in case it does break. St.Aldi and St.Lidl never quibble. I have no attachment to either fine emporium!


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Hm very tempting, I used Aldi for budget tools, but I bought a swan neck USB camera to connect to my laptop.

Big draw back is..... Its connected to my laptop! I have to be able see the screen which is not easy or very safe for it. Wonder if there is a USB adaptor to iPad?


Also typical is we have a local Lidl but Aldi is not close!

I like the look of the angle grinder stand for making clean right angle cuts.

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Speaking of Lidl, they've a half decent multimeter in stock at the moment - £10. Comes in a bumper case, audible beep, and has a clip to hold a probe so can be used easier.

And drill bits etc.


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