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Steering box play, 6 bolt vs 4 bolt

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Right well, working my way round the little jobs post mot and work on the wrinkles.

One issue has been play in the steering. When driving down along if you hit a bump or pot hole and the car lurches trying to catch it due to the play seems quite alarming. Feels like you would end up on the other lane. Now I know there is a bit of its a landrover but seems worse than my old 200 tdi.

Anyway whilst it was in the local independent for some other work, they had a look, and adjusted the box up as much as possible without it locking up. And whilst it was better its still not confidence inspiring. Now they mentioned that the 6 bolt fitted have a tendency to be worse than the 4 bolt.

Now the chassis is a galv one so don't fancy cutting it about to fit a 4 bolt one.

So what are the options? Just change it for another one? I have heard lots of stories about replacement bits being worse than the bits replaced so any recommendations


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