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Discovery 2, TD5 - chirrup!


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This isn't a joke question!

When I turn off the engine there is a momentary, quite noticeable 'chirrup' sound from the engine compartment!

No trapped bird(s) as far as I can see!

Can anyone throw any light on what it might be, please?

All jokes will remain the property of the originator!

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It might be related to the serpentine belt moving on the pulleys as the engine stops. Its alleged by a few people that genuine LR belts are slightly different material & grip the pulleys better - and don't make this noise.

Our td5 does it. I've checked the crankshaft pulley & it's fine, but haven't changed thr belt yet - as it appears to cause no other problems.


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Mine did that when I replaced the belt & tensioner..... (A lesser known brand of belt... Can't remember the brands but not blue box....)

Got hold of another and the problem went away. No issues with the crank pulley when I tested it....

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