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TD5 cooling puzzle....


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Good afternoon all!

No doubt this has been covered many times so i will appologise in advance for not finding it in earlier topics.

OK, For years our TD5 Disco 2 has given sterling service, appart from the expected injector washers, injector harness etc. Now its developed a real odd thing.

Starts as well as you would expect for a 170,000+ mile motor & pulls like a train.

Recently been doing a daily trip of about 150 miles in comfort & safety. Keeping an eye on oil & water levels & we get through about 1/2 pint of water a month. Weepy pipes etc probably the cause so not to worried. BUT.....

Last night on a trip out, the temp gauge dropped to cold on an uphill section. Pulled up pretty sharpish & lifted the lid. Water in the header tank on the high mark & pipes feeling hot as you would expect. Gave it an hour cooling of as we had a meal then poured in some water & cracked the bleeder. Few bubbles out but nothing major. Headed home with heater on full & all windows open, heater seemed to be reasonably hot but not excessive.

This morning it still had plenty of water & started well. Turned it off & went through the TD5 bleeding proceedure, again not to many bubbles as in water came out in the first second. Took it for a run & temp gauge stayed in the blue but the heater was hot. Now the fun part.

Got home, parked & turned off. Went back 1/2 hour later & turned the ign on whereupon, the temp gauge registered normal. Took the cap off the expansion tank & put an old fasioned capillary type temp gauge in & got 68deg C. Started up & in a couple of minutes the gauge was back in the blue but the old temp gauge was reading 7-0deg C......

Have got too many splinters under my fingernails from doing plenty of head scratching so any ideas, suggestions etc are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance all!

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