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ls3 v8 6.2 auto box questions

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hi all. just a bit of advice if you guys can please. iv decided to put a ls3 v8 into my land rover.

does anybody know the following questions:

what auto boxes are available to use? preferably one that could be used with paddle shift if possible.

would the lt230 transfer box cope with 430 to 550 horsepower ? torque been roughly 550nm.

any help and ideas on the options would be great. im determined to go ls3 v8 now as its something different.

many thanks in advance.

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LT230 will be fine, diffs & halfshafts will be toast.

Box wise I'd look at what's available with the engine and the options you want, really the bets bet is whatever's popular / available stateside. I think Advance Adapters used to do a somethng-or-other-to-LT230 adapter so that's likely your path of least faff depending on exactly how much engineering you're up for doing.

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I think there's an adapter for the 4L80? The 6L80 etc are paddle shift (but seemingly still have some issues with that outside a Corvette), but IIRC it's too wide for an LT230.

Give Buckon37s on Pirate a shout, he knows about this stuff and can deliver an adapter.

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Bad photo, sorry about that but it's a fully assembled LY2 with a TH400 with LT230 adapter. You can get a ratchet shifter from B&M for the TH400 which makes it like a sequential box, That cobbled together with some buttons and solinoids would make a paddle esq shifter

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I would suggest a good read of this thread, and if you're really interested in a 6L80, then a PM to "nmarkiw" over the costs which are not that bad


marks adapters don't do a direct adapter from LS automatic to LT230 unless you want a 4L80e that is with a spud shaft. Another place to try is Advance adapters (edit: as fridge said)

the 6L80 is a very viable conversion, although its better with a standard LS than something boosted from the stuff you read on the LS forum.

you need a 4x4 6L80e with a GM bellhousing (such as an escalade Yurkon or possibly hummer ... there is one for sale on fleebay at the moment in germany... I've contacted a few US sellers and they seem reluctant to ship to the UK dispite the costs being more than 1/2 the german offering), also they apparentyl are not happy with the high power motors (hence why they were never offered with the supercharged LS variants or the LS7) which are 6 speed manual TR6060 (uprated T56) same as the mustang (although different belhousing and input shaft).

You can always contact Rakeway for guidance on what they can do for you (although most of the work they did when I contacted them a few years ago was with the Tremec TKO 500 / 600 (5 speed manual).

note a 6L90 won't fit, don't attempt it.

the 6L80 / 90 use canbus to shiftchange (nothing like the 4l60 / 80) and share infomation with the ECU via canbus, hence the starting point is to use a map from one of the vehicles that had an automatic transmission and engine arrangement and then tune from there.

Tuning is done either via efiLive or HPTuners (i'd suggest a good read of their websites + forum before jumping in).


edit: all conversions I've seen use a spud shaft and an adapter plate, hence the assembly can be quite long.

As fridge said, you're likley to require other elements upgrading in order:

diffs (pegged recommended)

differential assembly (especially if 2 pin)

1/2 shafts (maybe, but definatly in the front if changing diff)

CV if changing 1/2 shafts

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Doug, how do you find the TH400?

Is it not a bit lacking given it's 3 speed, with 1:1 being top and no over-drive?

Would you not have wanted an over-drive or maybe double overdrive which the 6L80 or T56 / TR6060 may have offered?

that's the problem with my conversion is the TH400 although being an easier path with an adapter plate and spud shaft available just seemed that with only 3 speed all the additional power and torque was not able to be used on the road which is where I intended to use the 90 most of the time (>85%) not at the strip or offroad where the TH400 is in its element.

no dig intended just curious about life with a 3-speed box


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The electronic boxes driven with a compushift will give you the option of paddle shift, you need to sort the actual paddles out but it comes with a loom. Never used it myself but supposed to be quite good, the Britpart sponsored comp. safari racer had them fitted.

As others have said, the B&M ratchet shifters also work as a sequential shift although you do have to be careful not to shift from drive into neutral when shifting upwards. I've used mine like that on occasion although once you have the settings sorted the electronic boxes are pretty much good to let the controller do it's own thing.

I've had a 4L80E fitted behind an LS1/6 since 2007 with Ashcroft axle innards and an LT230 using a Marks 4WD adaptor. I've just put my third LT230 in, it will take the power but the diff lock (when not locked) is weak. One of the LT230s I destroyed the diff lock off road after forgetting to lock it after lunch, the other I blew on the road in the wet with some "spirited" driving, again not locked. I also twisted off a rear propshaft after a heavy landing, since replaced with BM front and rear.

The one thing that is worth doing, looking at the cost of the adaptors especially, is to look at an Atlas transfer box. With 2 and 4 speed boxes available that allow you to choose your own ratios the cost isn't a long way off some of the adaptors and you get a lot more options and a MUCH shorter transmission length. The LT230 kit, especially the Marks 4L80E one, add around 6 inches to the transmission length which can make it a tight fit on a 90. That's because the front output on the LT230 would clash with the side of the gearbox otherwise. The Atlas box is stronger, quieter and gives you more options than the LT230. It's one of the few things I regret not doing as part of my conversion and, let's face it, being able to drop into 2WD opens up a whole new world of burnouts :)

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Rakeway offer various solutions but it can be faster to plant a driveshaft tree and wait for it to grow than get bits out of them sometimes, I've heard of 9-month waits for things to be made. Real shame as they do some interesting bits.

Hahaha... I did think about paying them a visit for assistance with my adapter plate quandary given its taking me this long but now I have the cash I just need the willing machinist and a plan... (Don't ask I'm still waiting for a resplined lt230 ..., cant rebuilt my gearbox till then...)

Dave, do you think an atlas will go in a 90 as the rear output flange I thought was in the wrong place and directly in line with the input shaft... Hence the lt230 has offset and aligned output flanges

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I think it will, yes, I know they've been used before with Land Rover axles, you do need to get the phasing right on the rear prop though.

If you look at a standard setup the rear diff is offset from the transfer box towards the centre and the angle from the centre (where the atlas output is) is about the same albeit a mirror image. I've seen much worse angles on 80" specials and as long as the flange faces are parallel and the prop phased appropriately it shouldn't be a problem...

Given that the LT230 has both the outputs in line I've often wondered why the front and rear diffs on Land Rover axles are in different positions and not in line with each other.

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Hi all apologies for the delay in thanking you all for your help, iv been in hospital . many thanks to all for your help so far im going to look into everything eachone of you guys have said and go from there.

ideally i do want paddle shift for that racing feeling. and im looking to have just the transfer box lever in the center console as id like park neutral and drive to be there.

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Sorry for the slight tangent, but did I read Marks Adapters site correctly when I saw they do a conversion to fit the LS engine to the standard LR 4/5 speed manual?

I know the LT230 is man enough for the task but surely an R380 would turn to chocolate in a very short period of time, regardless of how much finesse is used???

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