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Tie rod length please

De Ranged

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I'm currently away from home with work and I've finally got the custom ground reamer to upgrade the steering balljoints to a much larger toyota version (need to cut a new taper seat into the steering arms)

If someone can tell me the length of the standard tie rod on a D1 I'll get the steel for the new tie rod before I go home and machine this at the same time (can't make my mind up between hollow bar 1040 or solid 4130 will depend on price lol)

Dimension I'd like is center of balljoint to center of balljoint please

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Thats why I'm after the center of the ball joint to the center of the ball joint (the taper pins to the swivel housings)

I'm going to make it one piece with a left and right threaded ball joints so the adjustment is done on these threads

Would be nice to have this length, as I'll be ordering some other steel tomorrow or tuesday to machine up some wheel scales and possibly some bits for a chassis table.... kinda a bugger staying away with no shed to play in I'm designing new things lol

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