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"performance" tdi 200 cylinder heads - any experiences?


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I'm of the opinion that the cylinder head on my tdi 200 isn't in the best of health, worn valve guides and the like, etc and was thinking of getting it reconditioned. The two serious reconditioners, Turners and ACR, both have a "performance" version of the head for not a lot more money.

Has anyone fitted one of these heads? What was the experience before and after?

I'm just wondering if it's worth it?


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It's only an extra £100, so I think I'll do it anyway - can't hurt. Now, all I have to do is find the time to take the head of my spare engine.


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Could it be so that the 30% is possible without toooo much smoke after pump adjust where as without porting the 30% would give too much smoke.

I have had some experience with the old 2,25 diesels masive headwork meant that pump recalibrated to plus 15% gave 10% better economy and it pulled like a train ( if you can say that about a 2,25 ) but it was under no ircumstance possible to make it smoke so i am convinced that another 5-10% fuel would have been possible with same emission as normal, just my thoughts.


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