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Discovery 3.9 V8 - Torque Converter


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August 28, 2015

Discovery 3.9 V8

All Stock; No mods

Dear All,

I'm currently mating the engine to the auto gear box but couldn't match them. There is a gap of about more or less 1" between the bell housing and transmission.


1. The transmission is currently installed while the engine is being dropped down.




2. We had to rebuild and machine the torque converter neck (which goes into the transmission) due to rust that build up. It just the same as the original measurement.


3. The Torque converter locks into the transmission

Is there a proper procedure or have we misplaced a nut or bolt that why we couldn't mate the engine and tranny?

Thanks in advance appreciate it

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Cyberfarmer did say all stock?

I guess the rust machining was reusing parts in the best tradition of the Philippines!

Do you mean there is a gap between the egine and the bell housing or were you test fitting the gear box to the back of the bell housing with the torque converter and bell housing fitted to the engine?

If you dry fit the torque converter to the gearbox and measure the distance to the bell housing front face how does it correspond to the distance from the flex plate to the engine bell housing mating surface?

Can you find an online workshop manual for your vehicle as the info I found suggests that the TC should be fitted to the gearbox at the correct distance as measured above then gearbox and TC fitted to engine with the drive plate to TC bolts added via a hole on the bell housing.


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January 5, 2015

Greetings and Happy New Year!

Dear Sirs,

After a long gestation from doing Land Rover stuff....thank God. I'm finally back with my discovery V8 and yes with the same problem. I still couldn't mate the engine to the ZF transmission. Just a recap, I never pulled down the ZF tranny and the TC fits straight in the middle. My procedure then was to install the TC and the engine afterwards but I get a gap between the bell housing and the transmission. My local indy asked me if the TC of the TDI and V8 is the same or different since we succefully rebuilt one and maybe interchanged the TCs. In my mind should it be better if we rebuilt the engine and tranny on the ground before we install it to the chassis/body? I have attached the current pix for reference to find out if I have missed any part/s.

Thank guys in advance.







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