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Over engineered winch mount


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Yes n No

My "Thing" on the front has a foot print that has on the base 4x bolts on each foot thats 16 bolts total, and then 4 through the front, but these are M12 and thats an industrial 14,000 hyd...so maybe yes a tad but

What the point when this is all bolted to the bumper and then the bumper has say 2x m10s through eacj chassis leg :lol:

In simple terms the extar bolts can reduce flex, ie the unit trying, under load to twist itself off, but the strength is only as strong as the weakest part of the assemble, be that winch to bumper, bumper to chassis, or as often is the case the actual chassis itself ?

Lastly bear in mind that bolts on the bottom are in "Shear" and in the case of mine is seen mounted often as a industrial recovery winch on a falt mount, poss why there are 16 bolts, then again if the winch is forward mounted and as is mine has 4x bolts the forces on those bolts is hugely different.

As it is I have all 16x base bolts in, plus 4 at the front, the fixing to the chassis is equally OTT and the chassis strengthened, but I still worry.....what might give and where ?


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It's not just a case of "how many" or "how big".

A few correctly sized bolts positioned effectively will be much better than loads of bolts thrown at it.

I would suggest that if it looks as though it was "designed" then leave it be.

the mans right, you'll probably find that 6 or 8 bolts, sized and positioned correctly will do the job...

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