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Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

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1 hour ago, FridgeFreezer said:

My work PC runs Linux Mint and half the time I've got Mint in one monitor, Windows WM in another and Ubuntu VM in the 3rd :lol: and yes I do need a 4th monitor...

There's a few wrinkles to cloning XP / Vista / Win7 machines if anyone needs the info I've got it wrote down somewhere... :ph34r:

Virtual, 4 screens for f$$ks sake I struggle with smart phone and tablet one at a time regards Stephen 

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I used to run 3, now I just have one 27" 5K screen ;) 

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PC chat:

I've heard of this virtual machine business, but don't really know the first thing about it or where to start. 

At the moment, the PC works fine and meets my needs, but I appreciate that it may not last forever, so future proofing may help. I may need to sort my laptop out first before doing that depending on virtual machine requirements.

Racer news:

I stripped the shifter down mainly to remove the gate plate and to see how it comes apart. It's very simple in construction. I started the shifter linkage. So once that is done and I've made a bracket to support and hold the cable I can properly test out my new gate plate to see if I have the measurements right.


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Virtual machines let you create a PC inside a PC, which means you can keep specific software like CAD packages going inside a VM on an "obsolete" operating system but move it from computer to computer as you upgrade.

For example, we have some old but useful CAD software that is happiest inside Windows XP, if we tried to move it to a Windows 10 machine there'd be a small explosion, but we don't want to keep a dusty old Windows XP box kicking around - so give it a virtual machine to live in and you can run it from any PC with no compatibility problems, no virus worries, no updates which might break it, etc. and you can make the VM with no network connection so it can never "phone home" and decide it's obsolete.

The software is mostly free - either Oracle Virtualbox or VMWare.

You can create a VM from scratch if you have an operating system CD or similar to install, or you can (with a few wrinkles) clone an existing machine like your laptop into a VM so you can have your laptop inside another machine - that's a bit more involved.

You do need a reasonable amount of RAM as you're effectively running two computers in one, but VM's are surprisingly fast, I don't notice any lag working in them.

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