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Wolf Ambulance


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Withams can sort the MOT & should supply the MOD release papers MOD form 654 & might even be able to sort the 'new' civilian registration & reg plates with DVLA too.

Should be able to insure it on the VIN/Chassis number for driving to/from MOT then inform or re insure when fully registered.

Mr plasticbadger on this parish posted this thread on how to register a ex-mod vehicle http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=59047

might be useful info for you.

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Thanks for the replies. Think I met Mr Tweetyduck and his wife at last weekends show.

Unfortunately, his thread stops right at the point of registration. Are you there Mr Tweetyduck?

I've managed to get some sensible insurance, offered by Adrian Flux, Herts (HIC) and Heritage. Heritage seems best as they're not putting restrictions on time to register (I've got a busy couple of months ahead) and they were more than happy that it'll be a camper in the future.

So I just need to know if theres any registration pitfalls.

Withams don't seem to want the hassle of MOTing. BUT apparently its in their garage today being checked over. Its really odd that they go to great lengths to say there's no warranty and you get what you're given but at the same time they won't let it go without being fully checked??? Are they looking for anything MOD related or are they just doing me a favour? They've been really friendly and helpful so far.

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You need to request a V55/5 from DVLA to register. It takes a week or two to send out. In the meantime call Adrian Flux and get chassis only insurance (doesn't cost any extra, you just tell them the reg number when it's issued)

The next step is MOT on chassis number, you'll obviously need to trailer it there which is a pain due to its size.

Once you have the MOT and insurance you send the lot off to DVLA with the 654 (Withams are notoriously bad at passing these on and it costs £25 to get another!)

Don't worry about all the boxes on the V55/5 just do the easy ones like weight, engine size etc.

Once they see the 654 they are happy and get the V5 out within the week.

Good luck.. I've done a few of these recently and it's a pretty easy, quick process.

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At last weekends LR show we treated ourselves to a Wolf ambulance from Withams.

I'm planning on having it delivered asap but can anybody help me with the process from there?

I understand I need to:

1. Get it insured. Footman James have said no, Lancaster are going to call back tomorrow and Adrian Flux have quoted (sensible). Any others to try?

2. Book an MOT and drive it there

3. Hopefully bring it home MOT'd

4. DVLA paperwork...... Any ideas? What do I need to fill in? Can I register it as a camper (my plan is to convert)

Is it viable to convert to 12v? If so i'll have a load of 24v parts for sale!

Hi, Ian.

We met you there. We had ours there and you were measuring it....Neill and Julie aka overlandbirds.

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Anybody know how to convert the 6-way light switch to civilian spec? All the info i've found suggests there should should be normal spec wiring plug hidden behind the dash. I've got the whole dash out and can't find the 3 pin connector.

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you will end up only needing to extend three wires to behind the wheel from the old location and connect these to the new switch. You will loose the convoy lamp. You can do this behind the black plastic trim on the "parcel" shelf if you take it all off.

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Neill, can you just confirm something for me please?? I'm not familiar with vehicle electrics and want to make sure i'm not doing something stupid.

Having compared this against the actual vehicle, it looks like I need to join the main feed from the engine compartment 20amp fuse (brown wire) to the brown and white wire before it goes into the interior fuse box.

I then take a wire from this new connection point straight upto the light switch. This means then that the new light switch sees 24v but doesn't get the load because the power goes out through the relay before going out to the actual lights?

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thats brown white feeds loads and loads of things. It just needs to be kept live at all times wich is what the thick brown does. The Brown is perm live feeding the Brown White. Join them together and extend that to the new switch on the column.

If you are tracing/pulling them back to the fuses the Brown goes to the 20amp fuse 1 in the engine. The brown white goes all over the place and connects to lights, horns, sirens, Brake pedel, reverse lamp switch, ignition relay, loads of things.

I just joined them behind the dash to save all the faffing around then extended it to the new column switch.

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1 minute ago, j90 mud said:

Just finished stripping the inside of mine out

unless a member wants it ebay beckons 

Find Ian Hebson on FaceBook. He buys anything ambulance. He's stocking up on Ambo parts for the apocolypse i suspect he will make a fortune on some of the things hes got.

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