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Quick painting question


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Righty then. I gave it a quick rub down with the finest grade wet & dry I had, wipe over with a cloth and a good coat of grey primer. 24h later, a top coat of Keswick green, cellulose rattle can flavour. By god that stuff could knock out an elephant! Not so good in a poorly ventilated workshop.

The first top coat has dried and it's very much a matt finish. I've given it a second coat, but not expecting it to gloss up much more.

Would a coat of clear laquer help at all? Or should I be looking to some fancy cutting compound and lot of elbow grease? Not expecting a showroom shine, just a step up from 'army' matt finish.

Yes, I am a painting newbie.

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If you've got enough coats on it then a colour wetsand with 2000grit will de-nib any dust spots then attack it with a cutting compound. It is easier with a machine polisher (either rotary or dual action) but do-able with loads of elbow grease. You may want to give it a decent time to harden off...it can take up to a month for celly to cure properly as it dries from the base out. If you polish over the top of fresh cellulose it may never fully cure.

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