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New top rad silicon hose bleed issue

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Hey guys, I'm James, this is me breaking my forum virginity, so here it goes. I recently purchased a brand new set of silicon hoses (coolant, auxiliary and turbo) from roose Motorsport and only noticed this morning a couple of days prior to fitting that the new top rad hose is without a bleed screw. No hole or valve for one to fit. I contacted their technical department and typically the head technician is abroad on his holiday. I asked if there was a way to bleed the coolant system of air when I fit them and all they said was that in a previous conversation that the heater mattix was mentioned. I've looked around and can't find a thing. Any help would be brilliant. Many thanks. James :)

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What engine James? I'm presuming its a TD5 if you were expecting a bleed screw in that top hose. Cracking the feed to the heater matrix off is what a lot of us with Tdi engines will do to get the air out. In my opinion though, its useful on the TD5 to have that screw in the top hose.

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