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why do V8's have so much more transmission backlash and how can I

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why do V8's have so much more transmission backlash and how can I change it..

can anyone explain it to me?

I have a 1983 V8 3,5 efi with a rebuilt gearbox and trf case and and ATB rear diff, front diff is going in shortly but regardless it seems to have a lot more backlash than the Tdi or Td5. can anybody explain me the theory behind this and does anyone know a way to solve it?

the most irritating is when I am driving slowly and the backlash gets into a cycle that almost can stall the vehicle at times. only way out is giving gas or changing gear.

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I think blaming the engine for slack in the drivetrain is a pretty... difficult thing to compute into reality. :huh:

Guessing you've not checked drive flanges, CV joints, prop UJs, halfshaft wear, stub axle bearings....

If you mean more general 'kangarooing', the it's just possible the 1983 electronics controlling the V8 are misbehaving.

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It might be that the '83 V8 has the combined gear box and transfer box (LT85 or 95, can't remember which designation it has) while the others have the more refined R380 and LT230 combination, or it may be due to wear and age. It'd not due to the engine itself.

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remanufactured r380 and LT230 from ashcroft have been put in, this CERTAINLY helped, also changed rear diff, checked all wheel bearings, replaced rear drive members and shafts, got the slightest amount of play in my front propshaft but not anything that should make it kangaroo the way it does, have all the bits for a full rebuild of the front axle, ATB diff, heavy duty CV joints and new drive members and shafts but haven't gotten round to it.

so there is very little play in the transmission as such, my Td5's which have a lot more wear don't kangaroo anywhere near as much, I am also thinking along the same lines as Bowie 69, that it is the engine electronics (I have a megasquirt system from Nige but didn't want to waste the awesome german summer on installing electronics...)

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Usually you find v8's are far less prone to wearing splines and indeed giving more slop

In the transmission.

2 reasons I can think of:

1, alot were autos smoother gear changes,

2, a lot less gear changes per mile vs a diesel plus the diesel is harsh and not smooth power.

I normally choose an auto and ideally v8!trabsfer box over a diesel because they are just not prone to having worn splines.

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