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Looking to buy first Disco - checklist, advice, pitfalls


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Hello friends,

My first post here as an aspiring disco owner. Looking to buy my first disco4, and not having any LR experience before, am hoping for community advice.

Due to budget constraints am looking at used, higher mileage options, e.g. 2010 tdv6 hse, 125,000km.

- is it a good idea?

- what maintenace in the past to particularly check?

- what is due in near future? Chain replacement, etc.

- is there buyer's checklist/guide you can share?

- should i instead look for sdv? Benefits vs tdv?

- how many km can i expect it to last?

Thank you.

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Is it a good idea? Yes

Maintenance checklist? full dealer service history, peace of mind and gives you come back in any warranty cases

Whats due in the near future? Got a crystal ball handy? I got crystal meth but ain't sharin ;) all depends on how high the Ks are, yes there are timing belts on the TdV6 but can't help with specified service change.

Buyers guides? Mmmm........ Google can help but TBH I read so many of the over hyped scare stories that were nothing more than carry over criticism from very early D3 days, just google LR D4 review, hundreds to read from.


How long will it last? Crystal meth time again? Better question is, how much will you pay to keep it? Not a cheap car to begin with, so long as you are happy to pay for parts and labor it will last as long as you want it to.

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You need to lay off that Chrystal Meth Nigel...I've heard it isn't good for you lol.

First thing to remember when buying any newish Land Rover is that they aren't cheap vehicles to own or maintain. Basic service will be around £300, full service double that.

Timing belts are due at 105k (miles not km) or 7yr intervals.

ARB bushes take a lot of punishment as do the front brakes, at 2010 you won't be into the new ZF8speed auto (MY2012 iirc) so it'll be the older auto. From what I remember the first SDV6 were 230bhp with the later models getting a hike up to 255, the tdv6 was 211 in 3.0 format. Have a good check underneath especially at the condition of the metal pipe work (power steering etc) as these seem to corrode easily, rust shouldn't be a factor on the chassis though.

Like most buying checks ensure all the toys work, more so in HSE models which are loaded with extras. Check the vehicle raises and lowers, try it in access, normal and off road modes. Try all the settings on the terrain response too, if there's an underlying fault some systems may not activate, try low range as well.

Most recent recall was for the tow hook housing wearing prematurely so check that area, especially if it's been used for towing.

Personally it's the best tow vehicle I've owned (3.0 SDV6), and one of the best vehicles I've had.

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not sure if it's on here i saw it, but aren't 2.7 model auto gearboxes just starting to show problems? and hopefully there is a jointed multi-part exhaust system available now, as the factory original i was told is put in before the body gets dropped on.

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