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Series 3 ambulance value?


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What do you want to use it for??

Does it have a current MoT certificate??

If not, it could turn into a horrible money-sink.

Also, how old is it?

Some SIII are tax-exempt, later ones are not. This can make a *big* difference to their value.

Either way, it'll never be fast quiet or fuel-efficient [You say 2.5NA - is that petrol or diesel ??? If petrol expect around 14-18MPG if you drive it 'Spiritedly' so you're not acting as a rolling-roadblock on typical UK roads. If diesel life will be even slower, more frustrating.... and the fuel-economy not much better!]

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Depends entirely on condition, if it really does have a galv bulkhead and solid chassis and the rest is non-manky then you're on a reasonable footing, if it's MOT'd and drives OK then it's likely £1500 wouldn't be wasted on it, but they are (by modern standards) hard work to drive and the ambulance-ness gives it limited appeal. You've got drum brakes all round, a slow noisy engine, no power steering, uncomfortable suspension, a 4-speed box that's hard to find a decent overdrive for these days, and likely very basic interior with vinyl seats.

If it's what you want (for example, as a camper base vehicle) then great, if not then there's little point.

I'd take it over a VW camper any day though...

A decent '02 110 would be worth lots more than it.

We looked at an SIIa ambulance before we bought our 127 Ambulance, the conclusion being there'd be a hell of a lot of mods to make a Series tolerable for normal people for long journeys.

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If you put a V8 in it, ala stage 1 V8 , changed the diffs , parabolics on the front , with a front disc brake conversion , wouldnt be all that far of 110 performance , with about the same fuel consumption as the hard working 2.5 petrol, and with a n/a diesel slow aint the word !

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