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Basically it is a piece of foamy material, which has a conductive strip in the middle, but in tracks, so the PCB becomes connected to the LCD by these tracks. Means you don't need to try and connect to a ribbon cable or connector. (the video shows a broken ribbon that has come off the LCD).

Quite a simple fix, but I guess you are buying the research and expertise. The video is worth a scan-watch.

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What's the problem being solved and what do I get for my 15+1 Euro?

There are (were in my day) two well known problems with the LCD.

If it goes totally blank, and gentle pressure on the visible edges of the screen doesn't make a difference, then the back-light bulb has gone.

If segments of the display fail to illuminate, but the failure mode changes as gentle pressure is applied on the visible edges of the screen, then the problem is poor connections (due to very light surface corrosion) on the multi-pole edge connector of the LCD screen.

What this vendor appears to be selling is a 'straight through' connector that you fit between the LCD and the original connector. My GUESS is that this places greater pressure on the connection strips themselves, thus preventing the problem re-occurring.

Watch the video, listen to the dual language commentary, to see that cleaning the existing contacts is also part of the cure.

Note the dexterity required, and judge whether you need to also buy an additional tool kit.

I already have one, but cannot now recall where I bought it from.

I see there is a second video from another supplier (in English), but I haven't watched this one through. It might give you additional tips.


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