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plea for help near angus


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Bit of a shout out for help, I need to replace the brake discs on my disco 1 and was wandering if anyone would be able to lend a hand?

Im mechanically minded and have done other bits and bobs but the brakes are pretty important and I would appreciate am extra set of eyes to watch things over.



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"Near Angus", I suppose someone close enough to lend a hand might have a clearer idea than I did of where you mean, but as I live in Derbyshire I had to look on Memory Map, via which I found many places with 'Angus' in their location, but it seems to be a region not a town.

The 'closest' I found to a town was 'Cupar Angus' slightly North of Perth & Dundee, in Scotland.

For the help of others, and yourself, is this in the right area for you?


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