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hazardous hazards


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Ive got a 1996 discovery 1 that sometimes puts its hazards on for no apparent reason and then wont turn off even If I pull the hazard switch out and turn off all ignition etc. Omly way to turn them off is to pull the hazard and horn fuse out but then if I put it straight back in every thing is fine.

It does start more often if I hit a bump or brake hard.



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In the alarm ECU is an "impact switch" that should you have an impact automatically turns the hazards on and opens all the electric door locks, I suppose this is a safety feature if your car in always on bitumen and heavy traffic but out in the bush with badly corrugated tracks mine was constantly going off - so I ripped it out and now happily forgo the remote door locking.

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Thats what I thought, but will ripping it out not leave me with an alarm that wont turn off?

No "ripping" required, just unplug or remove the fuse for the ECU. It will remove the alarm, immobiliser (spider) and central locking functions, also after doing that your engine won't start, so the supplies that the immobiliser isolates will have to be repaired or it may easer just to reinstall them.

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