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Getting Age Related Plate/Historic Tax


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What is the process for getting an age related plate for a Q-plate vehicle and registering it as a history/tax exempt? I have found lots of posts about this, but they all date back to before the DVLA closed the local offices, and as far as I can tell most of the information on getting historic plates on the DVLA site is aimed at newly built historic vehicles, not one that are currently on a Q-plate.

So far Ive ordered a heritage certificate and bought a copy of the B Card and I'm waiting on the DVLA to send me back the V5. ls there anything else I need to get, other than a mot?

This is for a '73 lightweight that is on a Q because of when it left the military, not because its a parts-bin special.

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You need all the documentation you can get. Somehow you have to convince them of the build date and that it hasn't been modified in any way. I have several friends that have had protracted conversations with DVLA on a very similar subject over the last 6 months and both have proven successful - so it can be done.

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