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ABS on Discovery 1 & Retrofit of Wheel Speed Sensors


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Hi All,

Firstly what is the performance like of the ABS system that is fitted to the discovery 1? I've a basic V8i that didn't have ABS. I'm likely to be performing a chassis swap before the vehicle is road worthy, and so thought retrofit might be worth giving a few moments of consideration? I'm already having to rework the loom, so wiring considerations aren't too concerning.

I'm thinking this would be a nice option to have when on motorway runs and may also go some way to correct for brake balance issues if the front and rear axle weights are a bit different to what they were with the old disco body.

Secondly I will be overhaulling the axles at some point as the front swivels are heavily corroded. I'm considering rebuilding them with the ABS sensors so I can have the option of detecting wheel slip and warn of excessive centre diff use. Is it simply a matter of ordering ABS overhaul kits for the front and rear and perhaps a couple of brackets and sensors or is there more difference between the ABS and non ABS axles?



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Appollogies, found a few threads on retrofit of ABS. Question about the simplicity of fitting the ABS sensors while overhauling axles still stands.

Retrofit of a P38 ABS/TC system is fiesable, but after thought the floors in this system mean time, effort and money would be better aimed at lockers rather than TC for off road capability. Reading the sensors just for information is a consideration still. Could be used for low tyre pressure warning as wellas the centre diff warning.


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