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Discovery II rear brake pipes.


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I need to replace the rear brake pipes on my Disco II. Not had a really close look yet but can see it is obviously a pig of a job! I will do both sides whilst at it.

Firstly there is a bit over the axle where there is virtually no space between chassis and body, I can see the pipe is clipped on plastic clips.....which way does the pipe pull to unclip?

Second.....it is only the rear of these pipes that is rusty, has anybody used joiners to join somewhere part way down the chassis to save all the aggro of getting to the ABS pump. My MOT man is quite happy with joints if they are done well with the proper joiners.

Any other tips to make this nasty looking job better received with thanks

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Not a bad job at all,done so many I have the lengths of the pipes written down at work... Buy some new clips as they often break,and its easier to drop the SLS compressor down from its bracket. The pipes join onto short flexi's behind the LH front wheel. Use Kunifer tubing and carefully feed it through in one length.Easy as pie to bleed after too. I'll try to remember to post the lengths if I go into work tomorrow.

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