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Defender LT77 Can't select R, 1st, 3rd and 5th.


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Good evening,

I'll start by introducting myself. My name is JW and I'm from the Netherlands.

I have been reading this forum extensively. My 86 land rover 110 was ready for a complete restoration.

Started 2 years ago and now almost finished. New chassis, new firewall, new brakes all round etc etc..

I had the lt77 split and treated with new gaskets and sealant as it was leaking. It's now ready to drive but... I am not able to select a number of gears. R, 1st, 3rd and 5th. I have tried alot of adjusting with the bias spring but to no avail.. Had a look inside the housing, nothing wrong there as far as I can see.

Could the person that has split the box did something wrong making it unable to select those gears? Or is there a more simple solution?

Maybe some joint experiences?

Looking forward to your thoughts.. Thanks in advance for sharing..


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Good evening,

After a day of searching and trying we eventually had a look at an LT77 nearby which was out of the car. Turned out that my "interlock spool 5th gear" wasn't mounted correctly, it was infront of the 5th gear fork and therefore with every movement if the gearstick engaging 5th gear and not able to select anything else.

Removed the circlip of the selector shaft and turned the spool 180 degrees and it engaged the 5th gear fork like it should. All gears were back again and we did a succesfull test run!

Hopefully someone will have some help in the future by this thread.


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