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Ashcroft halfshaft to LR drive flange. How much play?

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As the thread title really. How much play should there be on the splines with a new LR 24 spline Series drive flange mated to an Ashcroft HD halfshaft?

I have a little bit of play but I've no idea what is acceptable. The flange is not genuine LR but claimed UK made OEM quality.



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I would be inclined to agree, I was rather hoping after reading some people having to hammer theirs on mine would be the same! I tried both new and slightly used flanges on new Salisbury rears and new cvs, none were a tight fit so I fitted them with bearing fit and left overnight, a decision i will probably curse when I have to get them off.


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My hand was hovering over the bearing fit bottle too. I'm not at all happy with the current degree of slop. The trouble is that I could spend a fortune using trial and error to find some mallet on flanges.

I'll give the supplier a ring tomorrow and see if they will let me have a few on approval on condition that I will keep the ones I have to hammer on. Probably being a bit optimistic there.

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Hmm, but should they be a hammer fit? I doubt it tbh, I don't think much LR is that tight a fit. (That's why they are so easy to work on compared to Jap and German cars In my experience) it is after all a full floating axle shafts, so it should be just that, right?

Nope I have never stripped the splines or heard of any, well except those with already bad splines on the shafts (ie disc braked rear Sal's) but you can't really blame the flange there

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