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Heated screen wiring route


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Bought a screen and a pre-made loom with a Carling switch to match the ones already in my Mud console.

What is the easiest or best route to install the harness ? It's a 1986 90.

1 - Out through front of battery box, over floor and find a way through dash ?

2 - Out through side of battery box, through transmission tunnel and find a way back in to dash through bulkhead ?

Getting to the screen terminals is easy enough as I can hide the cables in the gap at base of screen frame.

Any other suggestions, I don't particularly want to see the wiring if I can help it.



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On my 1988 110 I fed the cables up the left-hand side of the engine bay, then through the grommet in the bulkhead which comes out behind the dashboard shelf. From there you can go behind the shelf to centre of the dashboard (if that's were your switch is) and also up to the screen base for the screen connectors by going past the wiper motor.

You may be able to get away with just unbolting the dash top panel, the loudspeaker/wiper motor cover and the dash end cover/handle. Only about 10 screws in total and the wiring is totally hidden.

I put all my fuses and relays in the bottom of my cubby box but other than that followed the route above. I also took a feed from the screen connector to one of the spare warning lights on the main dashboard panel (the 24v light beneath the HRW light) so I could see when the screen was on and to make sure the timer was working.

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on my 110, the 12v power wire from battery goes under the gearbox tunnel mat to fusebox, relay & timer attached to the fusebox metal panel above other relays, wiring then along dash to switch & up screen pillar [right hand side] to screen terminals, mine are at the top.

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Went the gearbox tunnel route as V8Pete described, easier than expected

Blocked the tubes to the screen vent hoping it'll increase the heat flow to my feet, but thought afterwards it may

be better to reroute them out the ends of the dash to provide side window demisting.

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My aux fusebox & relays are mounted in the dash so feeding the heated screen was easy.

I left my windscreen demist vents open (you can adjust the flow using the controls anyway) but used 20mm corrugated conduit from the main ducting at the bottom of the dash out to the end-panels to provide the side-window demisting, works very well and of course is completely invisible.

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