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Defender 110 CSW Roof Trim - Part PAM4356L

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Hi Folks,

In the process of sorting out the roof trim on my Defender 110 CSW.

The following link shows roof trim diagram with a spacer part PAM4356L


Did not see this part when removing the head lining. Any thoughts on how this spacer is to be used.

Believe it *may* be related to the grab handles?




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PAM4356L http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/89290/2240/grab_handle_spacer_headlining_discovery_1___defender

Previously listed as MXC1299 I believe they are fitted on later vehicles with the later grab handles item 12 in http://lrcat.com/31/4/53612#31/4/53611

in my '89 110CSW the above rear end door grab handle screw direct into the roof gutter metal.

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Thanks for getting back.

Looks like the handles on my Defender are indeed screwed directly into the roof gutter metal, even though the VIN is much later, it's 1997 model.

Will leave it as such when putting it all back together and keep it as original as possible.


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